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You will find the galleries simple to use. Click on an image to enlarge, click again to reduce. Once enlarged the image stays on your page so you can move it to compare with other enlarged images. You can have multiple enlarged images in view at the same time.

Selecting a Shortlist
You can select any image for your shortlist by clicking 'Add to Shortlist' on the enlarged image, so as you go from page to page you can save your favourites. Clicking on View Shortlist brings you to those favourites that, again, you can enlarge and move about the page. You can remove any image from the shortlist at this point.

Once you have a Shortlist then click on Order where your shortlist images are displayed for ordering. At this point you can still remove any images that you don't want.
Please check carefully the maximum digital size available - it will be the larger of the numbers under the image number, eg PP10001 2000x2500. 2500 is therefore the largest size available.

All pricing is in GBP (UKĀ£). Currency conversions are handled by PayPal.

All digital transactions are handled by PayPal; if you have a PayPal account you can use it to pay very conveniently - please follow the order process until you reach the option to use you own account.

Value Added Tax
Willowherb Photography is not registered for UK VAT.

Your PayPal receipt should be treated as an invoice. However, if you require a seperate Willowherb invoice for your accounts, please let me know via the Contact Form quoting the PayPal reference for the transaction. I can then arrange to send an invoice with the images ordered.

Digital images are normally supplied by e-mail. As some files are large (a 3000x4000 image will typically be over 5.5mb) they will be sent individually to the e-mail address that you specify on the PayPal form. If sending large files may be difficult for example if you have a dial-up internet connection, please let me know via the contact page quoting the order confirmation details you receive from PayPal. I can arrange to ship the order by CD via overland post at additional cost of P&P.

Please order via the Contact Form. Any shortlisted images will be detailed below the form so you need only click to add them to your enquiry.
Prints are supplied by post plus the cost of P&P directly to the address you specify on the contact form. Let me know your requirements and I can give you the cost your order. Payment for prints is direct to myself, not through PayPal order form.
Prints are normally supplied on top quality glossy photographic paper. If you require matt or any other paper type please ask on the contact form. Prints from smaller files, eg.900x1600px will only print successfully at sizes smaller than A4 - I can advise accordingly. I will not supply an overblown pixilated image to fulfil an order.
Shipping will be flat for up to A4 and rolled on anything larger than that. Again please discuss any individual requirements.
Mounts/frames/backing are not supplied.

Supply of digital images implies that they are for personal/private use. Copyright remains with Jonathan Billinger trading as Willowherb Photography.
For trade enquiries please use contact page.